Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In light of some recent hate crimes against South Asian Americans and those perceived to be Muslim (in one attack, the victim was called "Obama"), SAALT (South Asian Americans Leading Together) has re-issued a "basic fact sheet about hate crimes." They also list the reported crimes from September to present.

What's interesting is that these attacks took place in NY and NJ -- both solid blue states in this past election.


Janet Gurtler said...

Hey Neesha....new blog?

Neesha Meminger said...

Hey, Janet! Yep, I'm here now. I like the look and some of the features. Plus, I get to write whatever I want here :).

It's not fully up and running, but I'll post more as things start happening more with the book.

Thanks for stopping by!

sruble said...

That's scary, especially since we live in the area.

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