Monday, December 15, 2008

What I Learned Last Weekend

What I learned this past weekend is this:

there are people who wait for success to bring them joy. And then there are people who allow joy to bring them success.

It was an epiphany-ish moment for me because the first part of that sentence so accurately describes two people I love very much. They've been waiting for this thing called "success" for most of their lives. And you know what? They're still waiting. For some reason, Success has never come calling. Every time they think they're close, it slithers out of their grasp. It's a shape-changer, that Success.

And then I meet these people on the road of Life. These people who are just honestly alive and happy in almost any given situation. They exude a kind of warmth and generosity and . . . honesty. And people gravitate toward them. People want to be around them, want to do things for them.

These people are living their success now, reveling in each and every moment that rolls their way.

I'm trying hard to become more like them and less like the first part of that sentence. I challenge you to do the same for the rest of today, maybe even the rest of this week.


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