Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rutherford Hospitality

Rutherford Public Library

The above pics are of the Rutherford Public Library's window display. They gave SHINE, COCONUT MOON prime real estate in their display window in anticipation of their annual Multicultural Festival. I am ever grateful for the support (and you should see their amazing space for Young Adults; I was SO impressed. Most libraries I've been to have a Children's section and an Adult section. Rutherford has a significant chunk of space devoted to YA literature...and they have a chess set, to boot!).

The Gainville Cafe, which hosted my event, is an awesome spot. It's beautifully done, spacious, and very kid-friendly. Hopefully one of my lovely Gainville hosts will send me a pic that I can put up later in the week *grin.* The staff was friendly, warm, and sooo attentive. Thank you, Gainville, for making me feel completely welcome and at home on my first trip to Rutherford!

I also got to spend time with the super-smart and super-cute Mitali Dave who recently started her own blog! If you get a chance, check her out here. We were able to do an impromptu interview in one of the conference rooms upstairs at the cafe (she came up with some awesome questions on the spot, folks -- now THAT is an interviewer extrordinaire. Watch out, Oprah ;]).

What a wonderful way to kick off my Mother's Day weekend :). And a happy Mother's Day to all the lovely moms out there. You don't get nearly the recognition and appreciation you deserve! *blowing you all kisses*

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GainVille Learning Center & Cafe said...

Thanks Neesha for the kind words. I was at the Rutherford Public Library earlier this morning!

It was a great pleasure to have you come over to Rutherford, and show you around town.

Your pictures are posted on our Facebook GainVille Cafe page. Be sure to post them on your blog & site too.

All the best!

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