Friday, November 13, 2009

Take That, PW

I love Guerrilla Girls' post on the Best Books of 2009. They have an extensive list of books by women and people of Colour--all of which were ignored when Publisher's Weekly created their list of Best Books of 2009.


Doret said...

One novel I loved this year ( and yes, I do read more than kids and YA) is Daughters of the Stone by Dahlma Llanos -Figueroa.

Danielle said...

Hi Neesha!

I left a note for you on Jacket Flap as well...just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Guerrilla Girls on Tour was just republishing the WILLA wiki list of Great Books by Women that Publisher’s Weekly Missed in 2009. Folks should feel free to browse and add other great titles to our open edit response!


Danielle Pafunda
Outreach Committee Chair
WILLA Women in Letters and Literary Arts

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