Friday, December 18, 2009

Links: Authors Gone Wild; We Are Not Rock Stars

I love this:
"Writers become writers because they are comfortable alone. Out of that silence emerges a kind of music that doesn't need screaming fans."
That's from this interesting NPR article about the lost gilded age of publishing where 7-figure author advances and 22-city book tours have gone the way of the dinosaur.

And this thread on Amazon is getting a lot of attention because the author keeps commenting on a review of one of her books. Some are calling the entire comment thread a "train wreck," and I have to admit I was riveted, but at one point I actually felt bad for the author ("Nightflyr One," a.k.a. Candace Sams). It was truly an everyone-versus-her scenario and you gotta hand it to her...she is NOT backing down. Note that there are *33* pages of comments. What do you think? Should the author just shut up already? Or is she showing courage by fighting against so many voices telling her to shut up and go away?


Zetta said...

well, when I urged writers to grow up/stand up, THIS was not what I had in bizarre! The review was brief and not at all insulting, in my opinion. Raging against a reviewer is a waste of energy (though it has bumped her sales); I want writers to rage against the publishing machine! I hope other authors checked her for being so belligerent.

Anonymous said...

Neesha, I don't think the link continues to connect with the article you intended.
Nonetheless, I have to say that in my world, in the school library and in the classroom authors are paramount to rock stars. Your visits to classrooms, the letters you write students, the bookmarks you send to classrooms do so much to influence young students! You're probably greater than rock stars because you live in the real world and are accessible.
Money goes to what society values. Education? Literacy? Not so much although we this is what matters most.

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