Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movie Links & A Giveaway

And so we begin anew! Another cycle of birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, gray hair. >grin<

First: if you don't have a copy of Jazz in Love, Edi over at Crazy Quilts is giving away two copies, so if you'd like to enter your name in the draw, go on over and comment!

Second, here are a couple of films I watched over the holidays that I really liked -

The main criticism of the film seems to be that it was not an accurate depiction of the horrors of Partition. But honestly? I've read, watched, and heard enough about the carnage of Partition to last me a looong time. This was a love story by Kashmiri-born director, Vic Sarin, and for that, it was quite beautiful. Yes, they got a lot of it wrong (the accents, some of the details), but for the love story (for which I am, admittedly, a sucker), it was well worth watching.

And this one -

I got worried about this one partway through, but then it righted itself and ended up pretty good.

Happy viewing, all!

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