Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer! Wiscon! Desserts!

so now that the madness of summer (at least work-wise) is simmering down, school madness is picking up. the kids have end-of-year events all month and it has got to be hard for working parents to juggle being there for their kids and trying to keep the bills going at the same time.

i just returned from my second wiscon and i can totally see why folks get hooked. there are people who've been going to wiscon for decades. it's one of the few places to have the kind of discourse i crave all year long. to be around people who just let you be. to be inspired and awakened and unsettled and enlightened.

this year was a mixed bag for me, but i am still sad it's over. here are a few pics of the people i met (some are courtesy of LaShawn Wanak), and the desserts i consumed. i'm already eagerly looking forward to next year.

l-r: Sheree Renee Thomas, Ibi Zoboi, me, and Zola Mumford

l-r: Jenn Brisset, Ibi Zoboi, me, LaShawn Wanak

key lime pie at the dessert salon - so, so yummy as you can see. i ate most of it before remembering to take a pic.

yes, i ate all of the above.
the aforementioned key lime pie, chocolate decadent mousse cake with raspberry something-sauce, and chocolate eclairs.
i would have gone back to get the maple pecan pie, but the speeches were starting.


elisamaza76 said...

Hi - I attended the reading at WisCon 35, and wanted to read more by all of you. Could you please tell me the title of the work you read from that day? If I wrote titles, I cannot find them (poor planning!)...

Neesha Meminger said...

@elisamaza76 - thanks for stopping by! The piece I read from is titled FROM THE DARK and it will be released early 2012. I have other spec fic titles under a pen name, but the only one of us who currently has a spec fic title out, under her own name, is Nnedi.

elisamaza76 said...

Thank you for letting me know -- I knew I should have been more careful with my notes! I'll be on the lookout for "From the Dark" :)

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