Monday, January 9, 2012


I just watched the Bhutto documentary on Netflix. Holy wow, was it fascinating. Benazir Bhutto was elected Prime Minister of one of the largest Islamic republics in the world (Pakistan), during some of the highest political tension in the middle east, after her father had been executed by the military regime that ousted him. And still she moved forward into the role she felt compelled to take - for the country and people she loved, in the name of a set of values and beliefs she held dear - even after her own imprisonment and her husband's, and the murder of both her brothers. She showed courage and grace, poise and a steadfast commitment to the people of her nation right to the end.

If you get a chance to watch, I highly recommend it. The archival footage is amazing and there are interviews with Condoleezza Rice, Pervez Musharraf, NY Times columnists and journalists. It makes me want to know more - and I'm embarrassed to admit I knew almost nothing before.

There was one comment a little over half way through the film by a young woman - "[Bhutto] was not a feminist." I'll admit I had to restrain myself from hurling something at the screen in that moment. Imagine being the first woman elected to office and trying to run a country, when the military officers don't want to salute a woman? She was elected twice in landslide victories by the people of the nation, and twice she was removed from her post by the military. And still she came back, despite threats, imprisonment, and the execution and public maligning of her family members. I'm sorry - I don't care how you define feminist. This lady was badass.

I won't say any more at this point, but here's the trailer for the documentary. Let me know if you watch it!:

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