Wednesday, May 2, 2012

it's may! we are bringing the month in with a dreary, rainy few days here in nyc, but i hear it's about to get a lot better soon. we have a super moon rising on thursday, so there's that right off the bat.

lately, i've been reading books that i want to, quite literally, HUG. i love them so much that i put them against my chest and wrap my arms around them that is how grateful i am that they have decided to enter my life now - at exactly the right moment. when i needed them the most. like, for instance, check this out:
If Holly shops the better boutiques, she's bound to notice that they sell size zero clothing, for the female of really ideal proportions. Yes, Holly will know her diet-and-exercise plan has finally worked when her body ceases to exist.
how can you not love that??? that is from martha beck's Finding Your Own North Star, which i highly recommend. i've had it for like a year, but never opened it up until now. when i first got it, something inside me must've known i needed it, but i was scared to make changes in my life. until it was obvious i needed to make changes in my life and i couldn't avoid it any more. and now that i have begun the process, this book is EXACTLY what i need. who knew? actually, i did. the part of me that's a lot smarter than i give it credit for.

also! i am writing a memoir. why? because i have a lot of shit to say that is relevant to a lot of people. just trust me on that one. more soon!

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