Sunday, November 18, 2012

better late...?

i've been silent, not because i'm slacking off or losing interest in my blog, but because i've been experiencing the kinds of changes that have the ground shifting beneath your feet. the kinds of changes that come out of nowhere and turn your life upside down and send you hurtling in an entirely unexpected direction. these kinds of changes are horrible, painful, downright torturous at times... but they are also where extreme magic happens. in one of the darkest hours of my adult life (and by "dark" i mean unknown -- the kind of night that leaves you groping your way forward, hoping desperately that each time you set your foot down, it is in the right direction... and that nothing more detonates in your face), i am discovering some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring truths. i am closer to my god and to the Life Force than i have ever been. the relationships in my life sparkle with genuine, fierce, unrelenting Love. who i am has never been clearer to me.

my next book is happening right now. what i am living through is literary gold and i cannot wait to share with my readers what i have learned -- through the most healing and most loving gift i can offer... my stories. so please stay tuned, dear ones. i have a LOT more to say. it is coming soon.

much love and peace to you all as we near the day of giving thanks here in the u.s.

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