Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Toronto Pics

Here are a couple of pics from the Toronto book signings at Chapters/Indigo bookstores...

This was me at the first signing, signing my little fingers off...

That's R.J. Anderson, author of FAERY REBELS; Megan Crewe, author of GIVE UP THE GHOST; and Me at the first signing in Yorkdale Mall

And here are the Eaton Centre Debs! L to R: Lara Zielin, author of DONUT DAYS; Me, author of SHINE, COCONUT MOON; Rhonda Stapleton, author of STUPID CUPID; and Megan Crewe, author of GIVE UP THE GHOST.

Both malls had surprisingly heavy traffic, given that we were after the holidays, and the Eaton Centre was jam-packed. Great fun was had by all, and we got to meet so many wonderful people. Next time, I will eat lots of butter tarts!


Rhonda Helms said...

SO much fun--and I'm thrilled I got to meet you! :D

Sara@OTW said...

Thank you ever so much for signing my book! It was lovely to meet you and the fellow authors.

I'm currently reading Shine (I'm 90 pages in)and I'm -loving- it! You write brilliantly. I can't wait to finish!


Lauren said...

Hi! I'm new to your site, as well as your book. I had only just read about it today, and i'm already dying to read it. I just wanted to thank you for writing about something that isn't discussed nearly enough. I may not be Indian-American, but my boyfriend is and I've learned so much through him (about how wonderful the culture is, yet how unrepresented - and sometimes sadly discriminated against - it is). It's always nice to see more ethnically diverse books. I'm excited to read it and publicize it on my book blog!

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