Monday, April 19, 2010

Sam's Search for Self

My allergies are clogging everything up as I hack and wheeze from pollen poisoning. So, yesterday I was home mucking around on the computer (and neglecting my kids) while the sun smiled down on the Bronx.

BUT - I have something to show for it! Whether it was worth staying in - and neglecting my kids for seven entire minutes - is up for debate.'s Samar, the main character from SHINE, COCONUT MOON, doing Google searches to learn more about herself, her culture, and her religion...

If you don't have allergies, hope you're out enjoying the weather! If you're like me and my kids, however, try saline - it's been a real blessing. Saline nasal spray, saline eye wash...herbal cough syrup, and lots and lots of hot tea.


Mrs. Pilkington said...

love this -- fantastic!
(sending my sympathy and empathy, and yes on the hot tea -- these allergies are not fun. feels like i'm wearing an extra-tight ski mask without the nose opening.)

MissA said...

I love these videos! This is the 2nd one I've seen so far, but I know a few other authors have made some as well.

I hope you've recovered from your allergies. They stink =/

By the way, I read your latest blog post about the diaspora. Very interesting (especially how the feds took the most vulnerable people as suspects, but the extremists are usually quite powerful or well off here in America). I can't wait to read Marina Budhos' Tell Us We're Home :)

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