Monday, March 9, 2009

On the Launching Pad

Tomorrow my book officially launches. I love the way that sounds: a book "launch." We are about to launch this book into the stratosphere :).

Hollis is taking the day off work and we will go out for breakfast together and just pause for a moment in this tailspin of a life to mark just where we are and how we got here. I can't think of a more special way to usher in a new phase of our journey together. Because even if this book will not change our lives, bringing it into the world has changed us. And that deserves a very, very special day of its own.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome. good for you! I might be stealing that.

Neesha Meminger said...

Dude, totally. I'm such a "don't make a big deal out of anything" kind of gal, but I have to honor this -- it's not just about me. Sacrifices all around, you know? I know you know :). Remember -- I got first dibs on the ARC.

Anonymous said...

um, you MUST make a big deal out of this. the biggest deal ever. you will have other book releases, but never another DEBUT book release. it's your day! (and i love that your hubby is taking off work to celebrate with you.)

Neesha Meminger said...

Right. I forgot about the whole debut thing. It's true. This will never happen again. Yet another reason to really ring it in! Thanks for the reality check ;).

Anonymous said...

Yay for you and yay for H. Both of you know what matters.


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