Monday, March 30, 2009

OMG, yesterday, I shook hands with Bono of U2 fame. He is one of only three people I've always said I'd like to meet before I die.

I met fellow authors Coe Booth and Heather Duffy-Stone in the city at a cute little breakfast/brunch spot, and when I walked in, he was walking out.

I froze. "That's Bono" was all I could spit out.

Coe has better reflexes than me, so she immediately stuck her hand out. I, jolted out of my stunn-ness, stuck my hand out too.

And he shook it!!!!!

Took me a while to regain my composure, but I finally managed to and thought, "I should get a picture!" But of course, by then, he was already in a cab :P.

He was so warm and down-to-earth. No entourage, just brunch with two or three people at a local spot -- not shee-shee or upscale... And he looked us in the eye when he shook our hands and smiled and said, "Nice to meet you" in that sexy Irish way... SIGH.

I admire Bono for many reasons: his music, which got me through one of the worst summers of my life; his work in Africa and on an international level; and his genuine, open-hearted way of communicating. He's one of those spirits that just moves me.



Jacqui said...

Wow wow wow. I would have been speechless too.

But I gotta ask: which album got you through the summer? I used The Joshua Tree as therapy one summer myself...

Neesha said...

That's the one, Jacqui!!

Danette Haworth said...

OMG, Neesha! Please touch your computer screen with the hand that shook Bono's and I will then touch my computer screen and that means I shook his hand by proxy!

What does he look like up close?

I love Bono!

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