Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lots of activity going on over here. When I was first trying to decide what to read for the launch on Saturday, I put little post-its in the sections I thought were a nice mix: funny, poignant, serious, light. I finally managed to pick out exactly what I was going to read a couple days ago.

And then I sat down to read the sections, just as a little "rehearsal." Much to my utter dismay, the entire reading clocked in at just over forty minutes. FORTY. I would fall off my chair in sheer boredom (or from being asleep) if I had to listen to the same voice for forty minutes. In fact, that is exactly what I did in high school during most of my classes.

So I have been in a slashing frenzy ever since. If you're coming to the launch, don't worry! You're in good hands!

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Christina Farley said...

Halarious. Sorry about the forty minutes of boredom. Next time?

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