Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fabo Hair

Beautiful, sunny Easter Sunday in NYC and we're inside packing and cleaning in preparation for our trip to Toronto. I've been having a bit of a hair crisis around it all, but other than that I'm doing okay.

The hair thing -- nothing new. Whenever I'm going through real stuff, I focus on my hair. Much easier. And controllable.

So, if you're in Toronto and coming to my launch, you will know this secret: my hair has always been the site of all anxiety. It might be a Sikh thing or it might be a girl thing . . . not sure.

But for this launch, I may suddenly spring fuschia streaks. Or I may buzz everything off entirely. Or I might just throw on a hat and be done with it.

In any case, my family and friends will be at the launch and my many different, contradicting worlds will be colliding in one place. But my hair . . . it will fabulous, dahling. :D

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