Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm finally sitting in a resting spot between whirlwinds. The last few weeks have been crazy busy with the launch at Bluestockings, the Biggest Teen Author Booksigning EVER, Wednesday's Teen Author Reading Night at the Jefferson Market Library, my five-year-old's birthday party, mine and H's anniversary, and a workshop I co-facilitated with Heather Duffy Stone and Coe Booth on Healthy Teen Relationships yesterday morning.

I get to have a breather for this weekend and meet up with friends, before notching it up again next week when we get ready for the Toronto launch at the Toronto Women's Bookstore (which I am VERY excited about!).

Then when I get back, I do a community brunch with inter-racial/inter-cultural families around defining and shaping culture, traditions, language and customs -- something I can, and do, go on at length about fairly regularly. After that, I will be doing a multi-media presentation in Rutherford, NJ about SHINE and some of the themes in the novel (more info on that in upcoming blog posts).

For now, I am chillin'.


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