Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Great Spirit of the Life Force In Action

Yesterday, H and I visited a friend who'd just given birth by C-section to twin girls. The girls came two months early. I immediately thought our friend had them early because she had been under some stress -- they say stress can bring on early labor.

But she said, "No. It turns out that Gemma [one of the twins] was beginning to lose out on the amount of red blood cells she needed because the other twin was taking them all. So, Gemma started the process of getting out of the womb fast in order to save her own life."

The doctors gave our friend some of the strongest medication they could find to stop the contractions, but nothing would stop them. Gemma was bound and determined to live. And she was going to find her way out into this world, doctors and their strong medications be damned.

Go, Gemma and Sasha!! You are fighters and you are both meant to be here and thrive. And you have an amazing, loving Momma waiting to help you on your path.

The whole experience of seeing these two tiny (just over two pounds each), squirming little lives fight so hard to come into this world -- to do the work they are meant to do and have the experiences they're meant to have, was more inspiring than anything any adult could say to me.

Walking into a hospital is always humbling, anyway. It puts things into proper perspective for me. It is sacred space. It is where Life and Death happen. And this visit was especially heart-opening. I got to see the great spirit of the Life Force in action.

Thank you Gemma and Sasha.

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Danette said...

So touching, Neesha. Thank you.

Danette V.

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