Monday, April 6, 2009

I believe jewelry is more than just personal adornment. I think the ancients knew about the different properties of various gems, metals, and minerals, and how each of those affect the body's energy systems. They then used these gems and metals and minerals in varying degrees to add or remove energy from the body to balance health, the psyche, and to draw or repel both events and people so that we, as a whole, could continue to evolve optimally for the benefit of all.

At least that's what I believe.

So when H came home and told me someone he works with makes handmade jewelry, my eyes lit up like shooting stars. He asked if I wanted Yin to make anything for me. Even before the sentence was out of his mouth, I lunged at the opportunity. This is what she made for me (and I'm SO touched that she named the piece SHINE, COCONUT MOON!)

I wanted onyx and moonstone, specifically, for the launch because those stones are the yin and the yang. Onyx is the void -- the receptive, intuitive faculty and moonstone is nurturing, calming, balancing. Together, they work to form a quiet sort of power and assurance that is perfect for things like launches and presentations.

But Yin took it one step further. She added heart. A lot of it. She added details that I never would have thought of, took the time to grace the piece with a little of her Self and whispered magic into each bead.

Now it is my Speaking Necklace. Whenever I'm to stand in front of a crowd and speak the Truth as I know it, I wear this necklace for balance, strength, and as a reminder to stay connected to what's inside. The weight of it, lying gently against the seventh chakra is a reminder to not be swayed by illusions and to reach into the Wise Dark for what's real, especially with my eyes open to the outside world.

For more info on Yin and Lelimelo, her hand-made, one-woman-show jewelry spot, check out her blog and website. She's absolutely wonderful and you can feel the difference when you're wearing one of her unique pieces.

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cleemckenzie said...

It's perfect, Neesha and you will be a knockout wearing it.

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