Friday, January 1, 2010

Frigid Climes

I am not looking forward to the frigid, blustery cold of Toronto, but I am looking forward to the warmth of family and old, dear friends when I go up this week for two booksignings. I remember shopping in Yorkdale Mall and blowing my paycheck on boots and then, a few years later, working retail at the Eaton Centre, still blowing my paychecks.

It feels a bit full circle going up to those malls, in particular, to sign copies of my first published novel. I hope to see some old friends I haven't seen in many years, and I hope to eat lots of butter tarts while I'm at it. If you're in Toronto, please stop by and join me in a butter tart, or several!

You can also check out a radio interview with me on Toronto's only South Asian channel, CINA Radio 1650am, tomorrow (Saturday) from 10-11am. If you're not in Toronto, you can still catch it online at tomorrow during the same time.

In other news, for those of you who aren't familiar with the Debs, where have you been all year? JK. The fearless leader of the Debs, Jackson Pearce, did a very cool video where she dispenses invaluable writing advice. Many Debs are in the video (including yours truly), as are other talented authors and a cutie toward the end whom I have never met and do not know. Check it out:

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Zetta said...

Oh no--I read this and switched over to CINA so only caught the last few minutes of your interview--but great advice to aspiring writers! You actually made me homesick for a moment with your mention of butter tarts...those and Shreddies are all we can't get here in NYC (and Smarties)! Have a fabulous week up there--you're gonna wow'em!

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