Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the Winners Aaaaaare....

Thank you so much to everyone for offering such wonderful and helpful comments in the SHINE Trailer Face Off!! Because the votes were pretty much split even for both Trailer # 1 and 2, I've gone ahead and put both up on my site. I am still working with the editor of number two to bring the level of the music down and with the voice-over gal to edit Sam's monologue.

And because I was so touched by the thoughtful comments, I've decided to give away THREE copies instead of one. If you didn't win this time, check back periodically. I will do more giveaways in the coming weeks and months.

Now, without further interruption, here are the winners of this go round:

Biblauragraphy, Katterley, and Yan!

Congratulations! You all have until Monday to send me your snail mail addresses so I can put these copies in the mail for you. Just send to Contests at NeeshaMeminger dot com.

Thanks, again, everyone!


Yan said...

Thank you so much! :D

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Thanks for a fun contest.

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