Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NY has not been itself lately. It has been more like London, from what I remember of my time there -- dreary and wet and very, very green. The green is good. Please bring more of that. But the wet and dreary I can do without.

Other than that, I am finally getting my bearings after the whirlwind Toronto trip! And you're right, I should absolutely be posting pics from the launch. I have only two, and I will put those up tomorrow *grin*. There is a video H took of me reading, but apparently, there was a giant earthquake only in the spot where he was standing with the camera.

Yesterday I met with my agent and editor in the city. It was a very illuminating visit. I had begun to see my editor and the publishing house as Oz-ish. Very mysterious and humungous. Visiting showed me just how human it all is and I got to meet all the lovely people who've helped make SHINE what it is. *sends LURVE to all those lovely people*

This week I will be working on a blog post for, getting ready for a reading in Rutherford, NJ, and putting together materials for an in school visit.

But first, I shall collapse in exhaustion. And tomorrow there will be pics!

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cleemckenzie said...

Hey Neesha,

I'll trade you a bit of that wet and green stuff for some of California dry and brown. We are sizzling out here.

Glad you are on the road and spreading the word about Shine!!!

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